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This section of the site contains (what should be) an ever growing number of images and videos featuring your truely. Some are just simple photos while others feature step by step shots of the skills I detail in the How To section.

Please not that some of the galleries are hosted on other web sites in a bid to keep the amount of traffic on this site down.

What's New - 2002-09-09

Gallery :: KH20 Used in Anger

Photos of me on my KH20 trials uni in Scalloway, Shetland, UK.
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Gallery :: UNICON XI and Vancouver

I made the trip across the Atlantic to Seattle for UNICON XI in August 2002. Afterwards several of us made our way up to Vancouver, BC for a few days and took in the North Shore. Here's what I managed to get on my camera.
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What's New
KH20 Used in Anger
UNICON XI and Vancouver

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